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Mfg. Mfg. Mfg. Retail (Vehicles, Furniture, Electronics, Appliance, Bldg. Retail (Spt. St. Matt England, a recent graduate of Andrew High School, has created an "ABC's of Jackson County" poster that is available for purchase. England took pictures throughout his senior year representing the different letters of the alphabet that are represented by abstract objects found throughout Jackson County. The poster won Best of Show at the Jackson County Fair. Posters are available for $10 at several locations in Jackson County including the Hurstville Interpretive Center in Maquoketa, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, Sugar and Spice Coffee Shop in Bellevue, and the Jackson County Welcome Center in Sabula. Copyright (c) Woodward Communications, Inc. 2008, All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved. Note: These comments are submitted by TH Forum members and guests. All guest submissions are reviewed prior to publication. Click here to become a TH Forum Member today! St. Soderberg: Not...
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